Tens of thousands of Somalis are displaced due to severe water shortages

Geneva | Times Of Sudan

A report issued by the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs indicated that since November 2020, 83,000 Somalis have been displaced from their homes due to severe water shortages.

The report stated that conflicts, insecurity and other problems, climate change and expectations of less rain this year will increase the humanitarian needs.

He added that humanitarian organizations deliver water to about 300,000 people in the affected areas, and that $ 13 million has been released from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund to intensify response efforts.

It is noteworthy that Somalia has suffered from a complex and multiple humanitarian crisis for decades, and the complexity of which has been exacerbated by conflict, climate shocks, disease outbreaks and weak social protection mechanisms. It is expected that in 2021 AD, an estimated 5.9 million people across Somalia will need humanitarian support.

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