Turkish intervention in Somalia is pushing towards a new civil war

Muqdisho | Times Of Sudan

The Turkish intervention deepened the political crisis in Somalia, in light of the deteriorating political and security situation in it.

The Somali opposition announced in December that it had called on Turkey to stop sending the shipment of police weapons, for fear that it would be used by President Muhammad Abdullah Farmajo to hijack the elections.

At the end of last year, Turkey donated twelve anti-ambush-protected BMC combat vehicles to Somalia, and the Somali army also uses the Turkish army’s MPT-76 assault rifles, which Turkey sells to Somalia on an ongoing basis.

The Somali political forces fear the possibility of using these forces and weapons to influence the planned elections, which are stumbling because of the existence of fundamental differences about them, between the central authority and the regional federal authorities, where opposition forces control.

Turkey is interfering in Somalia amid exciting international and African laxity, after the decision of the African Union mission to Somalia to withdraw a number of its forces opened the door to Turkish penetration, and the US decision to reduce the number of its soldiers in Somalia opened the way for Ankara to support its interventions and control all joints. The state.

Somalia is living in the midst of a political crisis that threatens to disintegrate, and chaos reigned over Mogadishu last week when police and army forces defected, sparking the tense political situation.

Somalia has passed a deadline set for elections by February 8, when the outgoing Somali president was supposed to step down, which led to a constitutional crisis that is likely to develop negatively.

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