Efforts in North Kordofan state to establish a factory for gum Arabic

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Dr. Idris Musa, Director General of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in North Kordofan State, explained that there is an ambitious plan to rebuild the gum arabic belt in terms of cultivating hashab and forming cooperative societies for producers, and increasing its prices by adding value to manufacturing.

He confirmed in a press statement that the state will establish a factory in the state to manufacture gum arabic, and export it as a final product instead of raw materials to take advantage of the added value and remunerative prices for the product, indicating that there is a factory to manufacture the spray powder in Nyala.

He said that the establishment of a gum arabic stock exchange is one of the large projects that will be established in the state funded by the African Development Bank with $ 18.5 million.

He expected that a change will occur in the life of the producer with a high-quality product that competes in the global market, which is a window through which Sudan looks out to the world with good production, indicating that The establishment of the stock exchange reduces smuggling, supports exports, and returns to the country with hard currencies.

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