Sudan confirms its readiness to meet Saudi Arabia’s need for guidanc

Riyadh | Times Of Sudan

Hafez Ibrahim Abdul-Ghani, Minister of Livestock, confirmed Sudan’s readiness to meet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s need for red meat and sacrifice, pointing to the activation of the joint protocol between the two countries.

He explained that it was agreed with his Saudi counterpart today, Wednesday, in the Kingdom to overcome all difficulties that hinder the export of livestock, and he called on the Saudi side to invest in developing and establishing modern slaughterhouses that meet the needs of the global market and settling vaccines and fax plants.

Ibrahim, stressed the activation of the joint protocol between the two countries and called the Saudi side to a meeting of the technical committee to review the protocols and requirements.

In the field of fisheries, the two sides stressed the importance of making use of technology and expertise between the two countries to develop the fish sector and ensuring a qualitative leap and a strategic partnership.

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