Observers: Farmajo has exhausted his opportunities and is destined to fall

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Observers said that the political reality in Somalia now creates a large political vacuum, and this vacuum has been occupied by the countries of Turkey and Qatar.

A political vacuum in Somalia, because Farmajo, delayed the conduct of the elections and its term has expired, and he bought the MPs and extended himself two years, and those looking for democracy in Somalia now, entered Mogadishu, waiting for the striking hour.

Observers explained that Farmajo’s procrastination in holding the elections prompted matters to go to armed disobedience, and soon the Somali people will repeat the wisdom of the great peoples throughout human history: since Julius Caesar and Nero, passing through Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini down to Nicolae Ceausescu and Pinochet, and not ending with the dictator of Sudan Omar al-Bashir, a slogan repeated by the peoples of the earth everywhere on this globe, and at all times: “The fate of tyrants is the dustbin of history.”

That clear and simple wisdom that Farmajo does not understand, which was established by fate, errors and political calculations based on the ideology of oppression and hatred, the one thought and the one leader.

The Somali people will say their word and the fate of Farmajo will be, “to fall” as the fate of every dictator in this time be it long or short. This is what the fate of Omar Al-Bashir, the ousted president of Sudan, and the fate of Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, say.

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