(26) An oil zones in Sudan, including (5) in the depths of the Red Sea, after updating the map of the oil zone

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  The Ministry of Energy and Oil updates a map of the productive and empty oil zones in Sudan in preparation for launching it for global investment, according to the ministry’s approach to adopting effective policies and procedures in the field of promotion and attracting investors to work in the oil zones and available investment opportunities, especially after the end of the term of some oil zones agreements and their full transfer to the state.

  Thus, the total number of oil zones in Sudan has become (26) zones, of which (5) marine zones cover the territorial waters and coastal areas of Sudan in the Red Sea, and (21) land zones include the various states of Sudan.

    Engineer Muhammad Abdul-Ghani Awad, Head of Promotion Department at the General Administration for Oil Exploration and Production, said that the division process was carried out in a scientific manner and according to the principles followed in dividing the zones, the most important of which are the considerations of sedimentary basins that contain oil reserves and the oil works that took place in the squares.

The cadastral map that is universally recognized and based on its reference on many previous and international experiences in this field.

He said that these squares now include productive development areas and other promising exploratory areas, stressing that all the boxes for investment are free and productive, after they have been modernized to attract major international companies in the field of oil and gas with high financial and technical capabilities to take advantage of the opportunities available after Sudan dissolves from international restrictions.

   It is worth noting that the producing blocks are currently concentrated in the Muglad Basin areas, where they contain (11) oil zones that include most of the production areas and the discovered oil reserves, and the division was re-divided in some of its zones, in addition to the (25) square in the Melut Basin, as well as the re-division of the Red Sea zones, While the map was integrated with the rest of the squares in northern and central Sudan.

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